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Conviviality Retail

About Conviviality Retail

Conviviality Retail Plc owns the UK’s largest franchised off-licence and convenience chain with 575 franchisee-operated stores.

The stores are located throughout England and Wales and operate under six fascias including Bargain Booze, Bargain Booze Select Convenience and Thorougoods.

Conviviality Retail purchased Wine Rack in August 2013. Wine Rack is a specialist retailer of wine, spirits, tobacco and related products with 22 stores, predominantly in the Greater London area.

The Bargain Booze fascia was launched in 1988 and is the most prominent brand used by the company. Today there are 419 Bargain Booze and Bargain Booze Plus branded stores.

An increased convenience offering was introduced in 2007 under the Bargain Booze Select Convenience brand to allow Franchisees to expand the product offering for their customers. Today there are 114 Bargain Booze Select Convenience stores.

Conviviality Retail Plc operates as a buying, marketing and logistics business offering a full support package to the company’s Franchisees and retail stores.